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Wood-Adhesive or Wood-Glue or Wood-Resin

Wood glue can be from urea formaldehyde resin or from melamine formaldehyde resin. All this resin have thermosetting resin characteristic. Thermosetting mean that this resin can be changed the characteristic after passing the limit of temperature or limit of time to set. After passing the limit of curing time, this resin can't be back again their characteristic into the beginning, this character is different with thermoplastic resin. Thermoplastic resin can be proceed into the beginning characteristic and can be formed as we want like new plastic, even the quality is not as good as the pure of thermoplastic resin.

Urea formaldehyde already use as wood glue because this resin have double benefit as wood glue. The first benefit of urea formaldehyde resin of course can use as glue. The second benefit of this resin can use as wood preservative agent, because contain of formalin that seep into the wood. With the presence of this formalin then all types of microorganisms do not want to eat this wood. This why urea formaldehyde adhesive still prefer as wood adhesive in Plywood manufacture. Plywood that is composed from particle wood also have better stand to wood germ if mixed with urea formaldehyde on the manufacture. But urea formaldehyde resin have disadvantage, this glue can't stand to water. If often splashed with water, urea formaldehyde resin will loose their strength.

Actually there is other kind of wood glue that is use in small area for glue stick like use melamine formaldehyde. Melamine formaldehyde have better stand to water compare to urea formaldehyde adhesive. Melamine formaldehyde have widely used in textile finished industry and in manufacture of decorative laminate plastic.


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