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Stainless Steel magnetism

Stainless Steel magnetism and Stainless steel manufacture can be different contain of chemicals on the steel alloy, because stainless steel are include of alloy steel, but the standard of this steel already state by each country to make the similar quality of stainless steel. Stainless grade and type.


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Welding Steel

As we know that welding is to make steel stick each others like gluing metal to metal using welding electrode. Not all kind of steel can be welded each other, each steel have their own steel weld ability to measure the ability to weld. Welding operators should know the type of steel to be welded so they can setting the suitable ampere and time to weld steel to steel. The welding ability have their own standard of each steel. More easier of steel to be welded have more less weld ability, higher weld ability more difficult to be welded.

Carbon steel have higher welded ability than stainless steel, because carbon steel more contain of carbon while stainless steel have more contain of metal on their steel composition. After we know the characteristic of each element that compose of each type of steel then we can predict the weld ability even we don't use weld ability table to do this job. Experience welding operator can setting the amperage of welding, type of welding electrode and tim…

Electropolishing in Anodizing

Electropolishing is a treatment of aluminum using electric current in a chemical solution. The chemicals solution can be different for more detail can see on Electropolishing of Aluminum. Electropolishing is make the surface of aluminum is open, the pore of oxide film that already stay on the surface of aluminum oxide will remove and open. Oxide film surface can be formed in transportation or keeping in the store or just exposed to air. So the purpose of electropolishing is opening the oxide film surface on the aluminum surface.

To give more detail about electropolishing can see on the picture diagram how this process applied. Basically use electric current to open the surface of oxide film on aluminum surface. Here are the list detail process of electropolishing:
The Scheme of ElectropolishingElectropolishing DefinitionElectropolishing BathArticle Supported

Sell cheap dress and t-shirt

This era many people sell dress and ware become more and more because more difficult to find money. Selling clothes alone should be able to compete in price. If you want to buy cheap clothing in Jakarta many dresses and coat sell in cheap price. But it many are used clothes, the price is very cheap, rich leather jacket can be cheap, the man used. I do not know what used to be, it could be a former thief. Here also sell cheap dress for girls, but this is not cheap once, this is standard price.

Moreover now towards the end of the year ready to sell out of old stock, when more would be sold if not run out in January 2018 there is no people buy dress anymore. Dress for new year also has been prepared, women's clothing for new year of 2018. The price is also pretty skewed, online goods sent. But you must be smart to choose the model and brand so not disappointed. If you can also choose the existing collateral so if the goods ugly or perhaps damaged can be exchanged. In addition t-shir…