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The kind of chromic acid are vary, there are technical uses and analytical purposes. Chromic acid is acidic chemicals with red color. Sometimes very strong red and sometimes pale red color. Chromic acid is poisonous chemicals if inhale of fume, and corrosive agent if dilute in water and contact with steel. Chromic acid concentration can be analyses in laboratory use certain method to analyses this substance.

Chromic acid is produce in chrome industry, uses some high tech to produce this acid. Supplier will distribute this acid to all over the world. Chromic acid is dangerous if exposed to our body directly, so safety precaution and safety equipment should be use on handle this chemical. Chromic acid have carcinogenic characteristic if stay long time in our body. So people who work with this chemicals must read first MSDS of chromic acid.

The formula of chromic acid is H2CrO4 and H2Cr2O7 each type of this formula have different characteristic on application. Some product purpose should use of right chromic acid, if use other kind of chromic acid will product bad result. See Also: Brass Production


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