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Steel Name and the Quality

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, also known as inox steel or inox from French inoxydable, chromium contain in this steel minimum 10.5% make this steel is stand to corrode. All types of stainless steel resist attack from low acid. Stainless types are 304. 316 and 317 and more type. Stainless steel 304 only stand to high pH like in NaOH, in low pH this steel have bad stand. Stainless steel type 304 is purpose for building  construction or for support of piping line and many other use in Industry. Stainless 316 say as standard of molybdenum bearing grade, the best choose after stainless steel 304 because of this price is more higher than 304, so stainless steel 316 become second important to 304 among the austenitic stainless steel.

Molybdenum contain in the steel make stainless steel 316 have better overall corrosion resistance properties than grade of 304, especially if use in acidic surrounded environment, such as in Chemical Industries. But for general purposes that need stand to corrode you can choose just stainless steel 304. Stainless steel 316 L have low carbon version of stainless 316 and more stand to corrode. This steel is extensively use in heavy gauge welded components (over about 6 mm). While stainless steel 316H have high carbon content, so it suitable for use in elevated temperature.

Alloy Steel

Stainless steel include of alloy steel, like monel, bronze and brass. Each of  alloy steel have their own composition and have their specialty, for monel have contain of nickel (up to 67%) and other substance like copper and carbon. 

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