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Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy Adhesive as Steel Glue can be applied in many thing, use in metal or in plastic. Epoxy compounds are designed withstand to exposure and hostile environmental condition. This adhesive can be applied in craft, automobile, optical, medical, chemical process, electronics and many other industries. Some epoxy adhesive products can be formulated to meet specific application requirements. Different with wood adhesive, steel adhesive can be provide in two kind product.

Epoxy Steel glue one component have latent curing to make this glue can be kept in tube or in other kind of packing. This steel glue already mixed with hardener but by adding some solvent for this mixing make this mixing are not reacted. After the solvent is vapor expoxy resin and hardener will react as usual become hard compound use as steel glue. Steel glue in one component is more simple to use, no need to formulate first or mixing first. Steel glue in one component can be provide in liquid, paste, and solid forms. Curing system of this steel glue may use UV or heat curing system to make steel glue meet the static composite. The use of one component steel glue system Steel glue one component can be applied in aircraft, electronic, medical, electrical, automotive and optical industries. Steel glue in liquid and packing using tube can be used easily to glueing electronic part or in confined place. After gluing material using steel glue single component some treatment need to do in order make curing of steel glue work. - Mostly one component steel glue need heating at temperature 125 to 150 oC to make the solvent vaporized then to cure the epoxy resin. - Other type of steel glue can be cured at lower temperature to cure (80 – 100 oC), for this process need to read on the procedure of steel glue to use. - For B-stage epoxy system, steel glue can beginning to cure at room temperatures and fully cured at higher temperature. - Some product need UV light curing epoxies, the reaction is activated by a suitable light source at the proper intensity and wavelenth. Two component Epoxy Adhesive as Steel Glue Two component of epoxy steel glue contain of resin part and hardener part, this two part must be formulated to make a single mixture then use to glue steel you want to. This two component epoxy steel glue can be applied in mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical purpose. Mixed ratio of resin and hardener can differ, depend on how fast you want to cure, at ambient temperature or at elevated temperature for faster cured.

 The Advantage of Two component steel glue
 - Resistance to abrasion and shock
- Ability to withstand at thermal cycling
- Fast cured at ambient temperature
- Gap filling capability
- Exceptional adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates
- Uniform stress distribution


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